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Toilet hire companies in the Vaal Triangle are very popular for use during any type of function, including weddings, sports events, school events, festivals and camping expeditions. Known across the world for different names, they are more often known in South Africa as being “Porta-Potty”, “Porta-loo” or plainly, a portable sanitation unit.

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The Toilets for hire from Drain a Septic include:

Trailer Unit


VIP Unit


Construction Unit


Stemming from the 60’s, toilet hire companies were very widely used during government protests, musical festivals and peace-rally get-together’s.  Their design allows for one person at a time, with measurements ranging around 90cm circumference to 210cm in height.

portable hire-able toilet is a free-standing unit, often made from cheap but solid materials like plastic and fibreglass resin.  There are different types of portable hire-able toilets that consist of a urinal-unit and a seated toilet unit respectively but the seated toilet unit is the most popularly used choice as it can be used by both sexes.

A portable hire toilet is further designed to mask odour in the following way.  The ventilation in the roof cares for inside odours and the vent pipe on the holding tank works in union with the blowing wind, so as to create a low pressure area that sucks the odour out of the holding tank.

Specially designed smell reducing chemicals are also placed inside the holding tank as a further barrier against unwanted odours and germs.  Being blue in colour, it will turn green when it comes into contact with certain particles.  The greener it is, the less effective it will be.

There are different levels of style when it comes to toilet hire in the Vaal Triangle selection as well.  Basic portable toilets seldom include a light, mirror or any amenities where the luxury or the “VIP” level portable toilet will include every amenity that a hotel toilet would, of which some include:

  • Recirculating flush
  • Hand wash basin
  • Hand soap dispenser

These VIP portable hire-able toilets are often preferred on movie sets and exclusive functions where they would be colour-co-ordinated to the theme of the function and “dressed up” with drapes and plants.

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Drain a Septic is able to supply you with the most comprehensive and affordable service regarding toilet hire in the Vaal Triangle consisting of Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging, Sasolburg, Meyerton, Midvaal and Henley-on-Klip. Phone us today at 082 443 4289 for a competitive quotation and interesting facts regarding toilet hire in the Vaal Triangle.

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