Septic Tank Draining in the Vaal Triangle

A septic tank, also called a sewage treatment plant, is often installed by residents of informal settlements as in the Vaal Triangle to combine all the waste from their separate toilets into one holding system. This waste would consist of their bath / shower / basin water, washing machine water and also their raw sewage from their toilet systems.

A septic tank is basically a concrete or steel tank that is buried beneath the ground, in which all sewage is contained. But as one would think, this container, no matter how large, would become full with due time, and has to be emptied by a septic tank draining company in the Vaal Triangle (Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging, Sasolburg, Meyerton, Midvaal, Henley-on-Klip).


Septic Tank Draining

Before any septic tank is built, the proper planning should be done regarding the building methods to accommodate the septic tank draining process. Planning features of a septic system should include the correct depth of the tank, the area that the tank will be placed in as well as the entire septic system, which will influence the success of the septic tank draining company’s performance.

A competent septic tank draining system should include more than just the tank itself. It should have been designed at a downhill angle, for all household waste to flow away from the structure. This is very important in its design as, when it is full; it will not be able to run back into the drainage system of the structure itself.

The process of our septic tank draining is done by the use of a suction method, almost like an over-sized vacuum cleaner. The pipe performs the septic tank draining process is connected to a truck similar to a water truck that holds a tank on its top. As the sewage is sucked from the septic tank, it is pumped into the tank by way of a mechanical pump similar to a water pump.

We at Drain a septic only make use of qualified staff to do our septic tank draining in the Vaal Triangle, and make sure that they have all conformed to the strict health & safety regulations. We guarantee competitive rates, professional service and customizable quotations to satisfy the needs of each individual, whether it is in the private or corporate sectors.

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